AI in Health

Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods and technologies allow novel opportunities to enhance health and well-being across individuals, families and communities. Advanced AI methods of deep learning and machine learning will enable accurate and real-time diagnosis, personalised and immediate therapies and treatments, improving overall health outcomes.

Our team has several projects investigating AI methods in health, please see some listed below.

  1. Using AI to determine the mental health of an athlete (even before they realise it) –
  2. HDR Scholarships in AI and sports via the NGGP program –
  3. Using AI methods to investigate health trajectories of at-risk groups  – We have large-scale health data from various populations (pregnant mothers and children, veterans, emergency responders, athletes and students) and are currently developing and implementing novel AI-based methods to integrate health and clinical information to understand the health trajectories of individuals.

For any research opportunities related to these projects or other similar AI in health projects, please contact Professor Divya Mehta –