Trusted Observational Data

There is an exponential increase in the rate of collection of data observations, from Internet of Things sensors, online platforms, and beyond. This increase in observational data is disrupting industries and economic sectors, by digitizing their processes and providing opportunities for process optimization and more automated operations. Alongside the benefits of this data are the challenges of trusting the data authenticity along the full data pipeline from the observation source through its storage, transfer, analysis and use for decision support. This is a critical challenge as untrustworthy observational data may lead to economic loss or social or environmental damage.

This project focuses on the issues of data and identity trust in IoT underpinned by blockchain. It investigates methods of trusting the identity of data producing entities and their continued coupling with their physical context, and of trusting the data authenticity from physical observations.

For identity trust, we have proposed a method called Certificate of Existence (CoE) [1] that anonymously verifies the authenticity of a node type without revealing its identity. This method was validated within a peer-to-peer energy trading scenario, though its applicability is broad to any sensing application. CoE is proposed to protect the privacy of the consumer. There is no link between the verifier and the smart meter that is using the CoE as the verifier is selected randomly by the smart meter. Each meter may sign multiple CoEs for other smart meters. Consequently, tracking CoEs signed by particular meters will not com- promise the privacy.

For data trust, we have created a layered architecture [2] for improving the end-to-end trust that can be applied to a diverse range of blockchain-based IoT applica- tions. Our architecture evaluates the trustworthiness of sensor observations at the data layer and adapts block verification at the blockchain layer through the proposed data trust and gateway reputation modules.


Queensland University of Technology

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Recent News

Project Team

Prof. Raja Jurdak

Dr. Sara Khalifa (CSIRO)

Dr. Volkan Dedeoglu (CSIRO)

Dr. Ali Dorri

Dr. Shantanu Pal

Dr. Philip Valencia (CSIRO)

Prof. Salil Kanhere (UNSW)

Guntur Dharma Putra (UNSW)

Sidra Malik (UNSW)

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