Mobility and Diffusion in Dynamic Networks

Networks are all around us – from social network relationships to transport and communications networks. They capture the links within our world. These networks can be highly dynamic, where participants move around and their relationships to and interactions with other participants change accordingly. It is therefore very important to capture the movement of network nodes through mobility models in order to be able to forecast the future state of the network. Understanding the node mobility, however, is not enough. Consider a disease spreading through the movement of people, such as COVID-19. While understanding how people move is necessary to understand how the disease spreads, there is also a need to understand the process by which the disease spread and how this process interacts with the people movement process. We refer to this as diffusion modelling, which builds on the underlying mobility modelling. This project is concerned with diffusion modelling on highly dynamic networks, to cover diffusion processes ranging from disease spread, the spread of computer viruses, or the diffusion of trust in a network.

The Trusted Networks Lab is collaborating with CSIRO on the Disease Networks and Mobility (DiNeMo) project, which was recently a finalist for the UNSW Eureka Prize for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Scientific Research. The project is also linked to SPARK, a Centre for Research Excellence aimed at strengthening preparedness in the Asia-Pacific region through knowledge, under the ASEAN-Pacific Infectious Disease and Response program (APIDDaR).


Project Team

Prof. Raja Jurdak

Dr. Jess Liebig (CSIRO)

Dr. Dean Paini (CSIRO)

Dr. Kamran Najeebullah (CSIRO)

Ahmad El Shoghri (CSIRO/UNSW)

Prof. Salil Kanhere (UNSW)

A/Prof. Lauren Gardner (Johns Hopkins University)

Dr. Cassie Jansen (QLD Health)

Dr. Md Shahzamal

Dr. Dimitri Perrin

Luz Stefani Sotomayor Valenzuela

Stephen Kim

Recent News

Related Publications

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