Decentralised data sharing platform for supply chains

This project will design, implement, and evaluate a novel distributed publish-process-subscribe framework using the blockchain technology and smart contracts, targeted for supply chain management.

Contemporary supply chain applications typically employ a centralised data sharing technology, which is controlled and managed by a single stakeholder belonging to a single organisation, however the supply chain naturally involves multiple organisations.

Multiple data sharing modalities have been considered for supply chain applications including publish-subscribe message models. The pub-sub messaging model connects the data providers (denoted as the publishers) with the data consumers (denoted as the subscribers) though a topic-based interaction model.

It is anticipated that a decentralised computation engine following a publish-subscribe communication model would

  • automate business processes
  • provide a high-level of transparency and trust
  • help the stakeholders to leverage their legacy supply chain systems


Project Team:

Dr. Gowri Ramachandran

Prof. Raja Jurdak

Dr. Ali Dorri

Sidra Malik

Prof. Salil Kanhere

Dr. Volkan Dedeoglu


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