Presentation Videos

Blockchain for Supply Chains

Blockchain for Cyberphysical Systems, Wireless Days 2021 Keynote Talk, Raja Jurdak


Tree-Chain: A Lightweight Consensus Algorithm for IoT-based Blockchains, Ali Dorri, Raja Jurdak


Panel Discussion – The Data Science of COVID-19 Vaccination, March 2021 – featuring Raja Jurdak


Blockchain adaptation in the Internet of Things (IoT), Ali Dorri


Tree-Chain: A Fast Lightweight Consensus Algorithm for IoT Applications, Ali Dorri, Raja Jurdak


Blockchain for Cyberphysical Systems – authored book by Ali Dorri, Salil Kanhere, Raja Jurdak, published September 2020, ISBN: 978-1630817831, 2020. Access at publisher site


IPSN 2020 Panel Session – What Role can Blockchain play in CPS/IoT – April, 2020 – Raja Jurdak (panel chair), Bhaskar Krishnamachari (USC), Scott Austin (Everledger), Salil Kanhere (UNSW), David Hyland-Wood (Consensys)

Ethereum Engineering Group Meetup – Towards Blockchain Optimisation for Internet of Things(IoT) – Ali Dorri, April, 2020.


Panel Discussion – What Data can Tell us about COVID-19, March 2020 – featuring Raja Jurdak


Blockchain for Cyberphysical Systems: Applications, Opportunities and Challenges, ICBC tutorial, May, 2019 – featuring Raja Jurdak, Ali Dorri from TNL and Salil Kanhere from UNSW


Blockchain for Cyberphysical Systems: Enabling distributed energy trading (~150MB download), Power, Energy, and Clean Technology seminar, QUT, Brisbane, Sep, 2019 – Raja Jurdak


Internet of Nomadic Things AIIA Spotlight Speech, Canberra, Australia, March, 2015 – Raja Jurdak


Trust Management in Decentralized IoT Access Control System – by Guntur Putra (UNSW), ICBC, Toronto, Canada, 2020.

Presentation slides

Information Bang for the Energy Buck: Towards Energy- and Mobility-Aware Tracking, EWSN, Graz, Austria, February 2016.

Understanding Human Mobility from Twitter , Ecosciences Precinct Seminar, Brisbane, Australia, August, 2015.

Internet of Nomadic Things: Tracking Flying Foxes across Australia , AIIA Spotlight Speech, Canberra, Australia, March, 2015.

Long-term Tracking in Batmon: Lessons and Open Challenges, MLSDA Keynote Speech, Gold Coast, Australia, December, 2014

Long-term Continental Scale Tracking of Flying Foxes, IEEE SenseApp Keynote Speech, Sydney, Australia, October, 2013.

Towards Continental Scale Tracking of Flying Foxes, Invited talk at IEEE ISSNIP, Melbourne, Australia, April 2013.

Camazotz: Multimodal Activity-base GPS Sampling (presented by Philipp Sommer), IPSN, Philadelphia, USA, April 2013.

Towards Collaborative Localization of Mobile Users with Bluetooth, CONET Workshop at IPSN, Bejing, China, April 2012.

Android Genetic Programming Framework, EuroGP conference, Malaga Spain April 2012.

Adaptive GPS Duty Cycling with Radio Ranging for Energy-Efficient Localization, ACM Sensys, Zurich Switzerland. November, 2010.