Robert Marlin

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    PhD student

    PhD supervisors: Prof. Raja Jurdak, Dr. Ali Dorri, Dr. Sushmita Ruj (CSIRO Data61), and Dr. Sharif Abuadbba (CSIRO Data61 and Cybersecurity CRC)

    • 2019: Queensland University of Technology (QUT): Master’s Degree – Information and Technology (Security).
    • 2017: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT): Bachelor’s Degree – Information and Technology.
    • 2010: Microsoft: Certified Technology Specialist – Web Applications.

    Robert Marlin completed a bachelor’s in information technology (BIT) at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) in 2017, then completing a master’s in information and technology (MIT) from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2019. Mr. Marlin worked as a Research Assistant at QUT in 2019 investigating blockchain within industry application. Currently Mr. Marlin is undertaking a PhD degree with QUT researching “Distributed and Privacy Preserving Analytics of Smart Grid Data”.


    QUT Academic Awards
    2018: Dean’s List Award – Semester 1 – Science and Engineering
    2018: Dean’s List Award – Semester 2 – Science and Engineering
    2019: Dean’s List Award – Semester 1 – Science and Engineering


    • 2019: Research Assistant. QUT – Queensland University Technology.
    • 2013: Network Administrator. SIB – The Statistical Institute of Belize.
    • 2006: Resort General Manager. Placencia, Belize.
    • 2004: ICT Project Manager. Palermo, Italy.


    Marlin, R. (2019). First IFN665 Conference on Advanced Topics: IoT Camera Vulnerabilities & Weaknesses, 1-5

    Venkatachalam, N., Palekar, S., & Marlin, R. (2020). Blockchain Model for the Education Sector: A Digital Transformation Perspective of Strategic Learning, IGI Global Press. (Currently in pre-press)