TruNets researchers make a strong showing for IEEE ICBC 2023

Researchers from the Trusted Networks Lab have made a strong showing for this year’s IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, to be held in Dubai in May 2023, with five full papers accepted to the conference’s main track. ICBC is highly competitive (~18% acceptance rate) and is the IEEE Communications Society Flagship conference on Blockchain.

The paper “PPoS: Practical Proof of Storage for Blockchain Full Nodes“, with lead author Jun Wook Heo from TruNets, proposes the first practical proof-of-storage protocol for blockchain, with asymmetric latencies for encryption and decryption that can prevent outsourcing, Sybil, and generation attacks.

The paper “DeWS: A Decentralized and Byzantine Fault-tolerant Web Services“, with lead author Gowri Ramachandran from TruNets, overcomes the single-point-of-failure issues for web services while delivering transparency and auditability through a blockchain-based ledger.

The paper “A Blockchain-Based Framework for Scalable and Trustless Delegation of Cyber Threat Intelligence“, with lead author Kealan Dunnett from TruNets, provides dynamic trust-based decision-making and decentralised trust evaluation, by allowing CTI producers to intentionally inject false data on a periodic basis into the system to audit the behaviour of delegates.

The paper “BAILIF: A Blockchain Agnostic Interoperability Framework“, with lead author Samuel Karumba from UNSW, eliminates the need for trusted third parties in assigning notaries, while preserving  atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability for cross-chain transactions.

The paper “Privacy-preserving Trust Management for Blockchain-based Resource Sharing in 6G-IoT“, with lead author Guntur Dharma Putra from Gadjah Mada University, uses interconnected public-private blockchains, namely Isolated Identity Chain and Main Resource-sharing Chain to protect nodes’ identity.

Congratulations to all the authors!


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