Keynote talk at IEEE International Smart Cities Conference 2021

Prof. Raja Jurdak will be giving a keynote talk at IEEE International Smart Cities Conference on September 7, 2021, on Trusted Networks for Smart Cities. Modern cities are a complex overlay of multiple systems, such as transport and power grids, that can be represented as networks. The concept of smart cities involves digitization of these networks to generate data around the dynamic context and interactions among entities across these cities, in order to improve operational efficiency, provide better services, and create value for the population. The transition to smart cities involves challenges such as providing transparency and trust in the generated data, protecting the sensitive information of stakeholders, and creating reliable models that are representative of realistic populations dynamics. This talk discusses our work on designing trusted networks using blockchain for balancing trust and transparency in connected vehicles, smart grids, as well an integrated transport-energy network called the Internet of Mobile Energy. It will also cover our work on using transport and mobility data from smart cities to predict disease spread risk.

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