Keynote talk at Wireless Days 2021

Prof. Raja Jurdak will be giving a keynote talk at the Wireless Days 2021 Conference on “Blockchain for Cyberphysical Systems”.  Cyber-physical systems (CPS) encompass a broad range of devices capable of sensing the environment and communicating with other users or devices. Heterogeneity of the devices, low resource availability, no or limited built-in security safeguards, centralized communication infrastructure, and large volumes of personalized data collected by the devices emphasise the trust, security and privacy challenges in CPS. In recent years, blockchain has attracted tremendous attention to address the outlined challenges due to its salient features including decentralization, anonymity, security, trust, and auditability.

This talk will discuss our work on blockchain for CPS. I will first discuss the challenges in existing CPS architectures, ranging from scalability, trust, privacy, and data integrity. This talk will explore the role of blockchain in addressing these challenges, along with blockchain design considerations that are pertinent for its application in CPS. Finally, I will cover multiple blockchain applications in CPS that we have targeted, including, supply chains, smart grids, intelligent transportation, and Internet of Things (IoT) data marketplace.

Prof. Jurdak has co-authored a book on this topic, with Dr. Ali Dorri and Prof. Salil Kanhere. The video recording of the keynote is available below.

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