Blockchain for CPS book has arrived!

The Blockchain for CPS book has arrived! This authored book is on Blockchain for Cyberphysical Systems, published by Artech House. It covers the challenges, opportunities, and applications of blockchain in CPS & IoT. The book is authored by TruNet Lab members Dr. Ali Dorri and Prof. Raja Jurdak, and Prof. Salil Kanhere from UNSW. The book also had several contributors to individual chapters, including: Dr. Volkan Dedeoglu, Sidra Malik, Dr. Fengji LUO, Pooja Gupta, and Dr. Chuka Oham.

A. Dorri, S. Kanhere, R. Jurdak. Blockchain for Cyberphysical Systems, Artech House, ISBN: 978-1630817831, 2020.


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