Sharon Song

Microarray Manager, Australian Translational Genomics Centre

BSc Hons (Biotechnology), MSc (Biotechnology)

Bio and research:

Sharon (Xiaoxia) Song was appointed as the Australian Translational Genomics Centre’s Microarray Manager in April 2019. Previously, she was a senior research assistant. She helps manage and coordinate high-throughput next-generation sequencing within the Australian Translational Genomics Centre, specialising in microarray and whole-exome sequencing of clinical and research samples.

Sharon studied Biotechnology as an undergraduate at the Beijing Normal University in China and graduated with first class honors in 2008. Upon completing her degree she moved to Australia to start an advanced 2-year Master program in Biotechnology at the University of Queensland.

Following graduation in 2011, Sharon joined Matt Brown’s genomics group at the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute where she had the opportunity to establish the next generation sequencing team using the Illumina sequencing platforms (Hiseq 2000/2500/4000 and Miseq) to study rare and common genetic disorders. The primary project for the group was the large-scale whole-exome sequencing (WES) of 1200 high and low bone-mass samples. She then completed whole-genome sequencing of 1000 ankylosing spondylitis samples and whole-exome sequencing of over 800 Chinese samples with motor neurone diseases, as well as other WES and RNASeq research projects within the UQ Centre for Clinical Genomics. Through her time in the genomics lab, she has gained extensive knowledge in Next Gen Sequencing techniques such as: WGS, WES, RNASeq, Amplicon Sequencing, 16s Sequencing, Immunosequencing and miRNA Seq.

Sharon joined the Queensland University of Technology with Professor Brown in 2016 to establish the Australian Translational Genomics Centre and provide WES for clinical diagnostics of cancer patients at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.