Sahana Manoli

Genomics Research Assistant, Australian Translational Genomics Centre

Bachelor of Biotechnology

Sahana joined the Brown group in July 2018 and is a Genomics Research Assistant at the Australian Translational Genomics Centre (ATGC).


Sahana holds a Bachelor ofScience degree, with a major in Biotechnology, from the Visvesvaraya Technological University, India. Prior to her current position, Sahana was a research assistant at the Molecular Genomic Research Facility at CARF, Queensland University of Technology, where she gained knowledge in next-generation sequencing techniques, including WGS, RNA-Seq, Amplicon Sequencing, 16s Sequencing. She also gained experience managing various NGS equipment: PacBio Sequel sequencer, Illumina Sequencers (NextSeq and MiSeq), and Ion-torrent. She also worked in a Bioinformatics group at The University of Queensland, where her research was in plant genomics – Brassicaceae species and group 7 chromosome arms of bread wheat. Her role was running sequencing assembler and comparing genome between species using NGS data, genome mapping to identify genomic variations between the corresponding genomes and identifying genetic markers and predicted resistant genes in Brassicacrop plants.