Audra de Witt

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Clinical Research Assistant

RN, BN, GCertHSc (Health promotion), MPH

Bio and research:

Audra works with the team on the Queensland Genomics Health Alliance project as a Clinical Research Nurse. A key aspect of this role is to develop acceptable and accessible models of health care to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Non-Indigenous patients diagnosed with cancer have equitable and culturally safe access to cancer sequencing services as it is introduced in Queensland. 

Audra has been working in the health research field for over 10 years. She graduated as a Registered Nurse in 1995 (QUT) and since has been passionate about reducing inequity and improving access to health services. Audra completed postgraduate studies in health promotion and later completed a Master in Public Health in 2010 (UQ) being awarded a distinction for her Masters dissertation in ‘Health behaviours in Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians and their association asthma’. Audra is currently completing her PhD investigating the patterns of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cancer care, systems to support high quality care at the primary health care setting and care integration between the health sectors in Queensland (Menzies School of Health Research). Upon completion of her PhD, Audra intends to continue working on improving accessibility, equity and integration of cancer and related services within and across the sectors. The ultimate aim is to improve health outcomes of Indigenous and other disadvantaged populations.

 Research Interests:

Health equity, Accessibility and effectiveness of health services, Integration/co-ordination of health services across the (primary, secondary and tertiary) sectors, Improving Indigenous health outcomes, Overcoming geographical challenges to health, Primary health care, Cancer, Genetics, Personalised medicine, Health services research