The Australian Translational Genomic Centre (ATGC) is based at QUT at the Translational Research Institute in Brisbane, Queensland. The team of academics, health care professionals and scientists is headed by medical oncologist, Professor Ken O’Byrne, and senior bioinformatician, Associate Professor Paul Leo.

ATGC is a partnership between QUT, Pathology QLD and Metro South to provide tumour sequencing and mutational profiling for cancer patients across Queensland. The centre is the first of its kind in the state and provides clinicians treating cancer patients with advanced genetic information addressing the underlying causes of tumour development, predicted outcomes and personalised treatment avenues. The comprehensive cancer genomics service is supported by the weekly Queensland Molecular Tumour Board chaired by Professor O’Byrne. The ATGC are also partnering with Illumina and BC Platforms in developing a pharmacogenomics service for clinical use.

The group also has active research programs, including assessing the clinical utility and cost-effectiveness of comprehensive genomic profiling in cancer care. ATGC also perform contract sequencing and the provision of other services.