Precision Medicine in Oncology Advances with the Launch of Queensland Molecular Tumour Board at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Woolloongabba.

The inaugural meeting of the Queensland Molecular Tumour Board (QMTB) was held on the morning of Wednesday, 10th October 2018 at Translational Research Institute, on the grounds of Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane.

The QMTB is an initiative of the Australian Translational Genomics Centre (ATGC), and includes physicians, oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, genomic specialists (scientists and bioinformaticians), and researchers. It is a specialist form of multidisciplinary team meeting where cases are discussed and state-of-the-art molecular diagnostics informs patient care.

The first meeting, held in October, was a great success with participants from across Brisbane and Townsville. In addition to the discussion of cases, there was an educational presentation on the MoST clinical trial by Professor Ken O’Byrne, QUT.






Left. Of particular interest in the first QMTB meeting was the level of tumour mutational burden amongst some cancer types tested by ATGC.






It is anticipated that two-three cases will be presented at each meeting, and that this will be complimented by an educational component, such as the presentation on the MoST clinical trial in the first meeting, and the experience of the molecular tumour board in Victoria by Dr Peter Salvas, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, during the second meeting.

The MTB is open to all Queensland clinicians, and whilst the QMTB forum is coordinated by the ATGC, cases will be discussed from any genomics testing provider. Case submission forms are available at the QMTB website.




Left. The QMTB meeting used Zoom meeting videoconferencing, and allowed participants from the Townsville Hospital to participate. For those wishing to join the QMTB meetings by videoconference, Zoom meeting IDs will be circulated with meeting notifications and will be listed on the QMTB website.




The QMTB meeting will occur in the second week of each month at Translational Research Institute, Woolloongabba. For an updated meeting schedule, and to find out more information on the QMTB, please click here or contact