Personalised Medicine Brings New Hope for Wenzhou Cancer Patients

30th November, 2016, WENZHOU, CHINA:  A new Centre for Personalised Medicine opens today at Wenzhou Medical University’s First Affiliated Hospital.  It will provide a new world-leading service in personalised medicine genomics for cancer and other patients attending the hospital, and perform cancer research.

Advances in genome sequencing technology in research laboratories have enabled the ability to identify the mutations which cause individual cancers, and which affect response to treatment like chemotherapy.  This leads to better outcomes for patients, with treatment tailored to the actual cause of their cancer, rather than simply being determined by the organ in which the tumour arose.

The Wenzhou Centre for Personalised Medicine will for the first time bring these advances to the clinic for Wenzhou’s cancer patients, and is expected to boost cancer treatment survival rates, and encourage cancer research and clinical trial activity.

The Centre is a collaboration between Wenzhou Medical University and Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia, which is home to an international leading medical genomics and personalised medicine centre.  The Wenzhou Centre for Personalised Medicine will mirror QUT’s own International Organisation for Standardisation accredited facilities, enabling it to operate at world’s best practice straight away as it aims to achieve National Key Reference Laboratory accreditation.

QUT’s Director of Genomics, Professor Matthew Brown, will be the Chief Scientist of the Wenzhou Centre for Personalised Medicine.  Professor Brown is an internationally renowned genetics researcher and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Sciences.  He was recently awarded the Zhejiang Province West Lake Friendship Award for his contribution to health and research particularly in Wenzhou.

Professor Brown is very excited by the opportunity of working with the First Affiliated Hospital in this initiative, saying “We’re delighted to be working with the excellent clinical staff at Wenzhou’s First Affiliated Hospital in bringing these exciting advances in cancer management to benefit thousands of patients in Wenzhou each year.  This initiative is a great tribute to the imaginative and strong leadership of the 1st Affiliated Hospital and Wenzhou Medical University, whom we look forward to working with to deliver excellence in clinical practice and cancer research.”


Professor Peter Coaldrake, Vice-Chancellor of QUT, and other dignitaries at the opening of The Wenzhou Centre for Personalised Medicine.


The Wenzhou Centre for Personalised Medicine at Wenzhou Medical University’s First Affiliated Hospital.