Freely accessible, peer reviewed education material … We thank our funding partners:

High School Critical Literacies

The development of the ‘Subject SupplementsSustainability Education for High Schools: Year 10-12‘ was supported by a grant from the Port of Brisbane Corporation and developed by in partnership with Griffith University and the University of New South Wales as part of the Sustainable Living Challenge. The additional Teacher Supplements were supported by a grant from the Queensland Division of Engineers Australia.

Undergraduate Critical Literacies

TNEP received grants from UNESCO (Natural Science Sector) and The Institution of Engineers Australia (College of Environmental Engineering and Society for Sustainability and Environmental Engineering) to develop ‘Introduction to Sustainable Development for Engineering and Built Environment Professionals‘ and ‘Principles and Practices in Sustainable Development for the Engineering and Built Environment Professions‘.

Whole Systems Design

Funding for the development of the Whole System Design Suite of the Engineering Sustainable Solutions Program has been provided by the Australian Federal Department of the Environment and Water Resources (DEWR) under the Education for Sustainable Development Grants Programme. As it has also been published as a book, please refer to the ‘Whole System Design’ book for the links to the resources (on this website).

E-Waste Curriculum

TNEP worked in collaboration with Griffith University to develop the E-Waste Curriculum Development Project with funding from DELL. The team from TNEP worked with Malcolm Wolski, Associate Director, Research Computing Services Information and Communication Technology Services at Griffith University.