Understanding Human Behaviour: Short course at QUT Executive Education

Are you interested in why humans think and act the way we do? Hinze teaches a short course at QUTeX, which provides an overview of all the exciting things that neuroscience can teach us about how our brains determine our behaviour. You will discover how our unconscious processes influence our choices, how we learn and remember, and what motivates and drives us. You will learn why habits are hard to break, how subtle differences in perception shape our interpretation of the world, and how to use these insights to improve communication, productivity, and workplace relationships. link.


Article in Pursuit about time perception during COVID-19 lockdown

Did the pandemic lockdown mess with your experience of time? Hinze wrote an article for Pursuit about how the COVID-19 pandemic (and lockdown specifically) influenced our experience of time last year. (2021). link.


Article in the Conversation about our recent EEG-decoding paper in PNAS

We were invited to write an article for The Conversation about what Tessel’s 2020 PNAS paper can tell us about how the brain uses prediction to allow us to function in the present, and how this can lead to us ‘seeing’ an expected present that never comes to pass. (2020). link.


Explaining prediction on Channel 10’s SCOPE

Channel 10’s children’s program SCOPE visited the lab to discuss how the brain uses prediction to allow us to compensate for its own delays. (2018). link.


Article on prediction in Pursuit Magazine

Pursuit, the University of Melbourne’s outreach magazine, wrote an article on our work on prediction on the basis of our 2018 Journal of Neuroscience paper. (2018). link.


Time in the Brain at TEDxUU

Hinze was invited to give a talk about time in the brain at TEDxUtrechtUniversity, an independently organized TED event with theme ‘Change from Within’. The aim of this talk was to make some of his fundamental research accessible for a broad audience. (2016). link

Article in TVOO on Time in the Brain (Dutch)

Hinze was invited to write an article for the Dutch management magazine Tijdschrift voor Ontwikkeling in Organisaties (“Journal for Development in Organisations”) about time in the brain, and how our experience of the present moment is actually an illusion. (2015). link.

Understanding awareness: it’s about time

Hinze was invited to write an article for SCOPE, the academic magazine of University College Utrecht (the Netherlands) about why understanding the time-course of neural processes is fundamental to understanding perception, awareness, and consciousness. (2013). link.