Unravelling the media representation of circular economy for fashion education

Representation of circular economy for fashion education

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Screenshot of Frocket Zine homepage
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The circular economy is presented as a means to reshape and remodel the fashion industry, closing the material loop and reducing the impact of fashion production on the planet. Research shared and discourse generated around circular economies has been put forward by academics, industry, governments and the mainstream media. Each group examining differing aspects and with different levels of critical analysis applied.


For fashion educators there is a need to impart understanding of the circular economy to fashion students as they will soon be the fashion professionals leading the industry and making decisions that will have ongoing impact on production, consumption and subsequently environmental degradation.


This project examined 476 published articles between 2016 and 2020, examining the discourse put forward by mainstream media surrounding fashion and the circular economy.


It was uncovered that the current mainstream media representation of fashion and the circular economy is lacking the nuance and critical view of the circular economy as presented in academic literature; instead focusing on the purely technical aspect of a circular economy whilst disregarding cultural aspects.


The project aims to increase student engagement with the circular economy and to rebalance the mainstream media view. The conclusion outlines teaching principles in response to the analysis to ensure fashion students are presented with a more critical lens through which to understand the fashion circular economy and also presents these principles in action.


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