Mapping small-scale fashion and textile enterprises

a blue and white map of Brisbane centring on the CBD and river

This project explores circular economy (CE) modelling in an urban and regional context of localism in relation to fashion neighbourhoods and attendant issues of sustainability, supply chains and access to textiles and manufacturing in an open, horizontal and democratic way by small-scale fashion and textiles enterprises.

The goal is to give visibility to different pathways to CE, reconfiguring the complex and ever-changing interface between fashion and the urban landscape, facilitating networks and grassroots circular economy with a view to reduce waste in textiles. In particular, this reconfiguration is seen as a way to re-establish social relationships between people and material resources.

Funded by Centre for a Waste-Free World, 2020

Chief Investigators


Other Team Members

  • Carla van Lunn
  • Caitlan Hopper