Communicating the Value of Sustainability in the Global Cotton Supply Chains

Project dates: 01/11/2023 - Ongoing

This project further investigates findings from a PhD research project which investigated the sustainable value of Australian cotton. Cotton is the most used natural fibre globally and plays an important economic and social role in Australia, generating $2 billion dollars in exports per annum. The research delved into the multifaceted concept of sustainable value in the context of Australian cotton and engaged with stakeholders across the entire value chain to understand their perspectives and motivations. The study successfully identified effective strategies for fostering a shared understanding of on-farm sustainability throughout the entire supply chain. These strategies were grounded in the use of comprehensive data, including Life Cycle Assessment data, alongside the influential power of storytelling to effectively convey crucial sustainability messages. The findings underscored the urgent need for collaborative efforts aimed at cultivating a unified understanding of sustainability within the industry. 


This project aims to refine and apply the insights obtained from the PhD research to address the evolving needs of the global cotton industry. This is especially important in light of recent publications such as the Cotton Transformers Foundation, Cotton: A Case Study in Misinformation, and the United Nations Environment Programme’s, The Sustainable Fashion Communication Playbook. In doing so, this project will make a valuable contribution to the development of responsible and effective communication strategies within the textile and fashion industry.  


Funding / Grants

  • Cotton Research and Development Corporation, Australian Government’s Research Training Program, TextileR Early Career Research Grant (2022)