Towards Sustainable Decentralisation or Commodification of Diversity? – Vogue Italia case study

Phd Candidate Nadica Maksimova presents, “Towards Sustainable Decentralisation or Commodification of Diversity? – Vogue Italia case study”. 


The presentation will be based on an in-depth, qualitative analysis of the entire Vogue Italia Archive – an endeavour incentivised and motivated by the lacking attention on the symbolic production and reproduction of the sustainability concept within the fashion context. A brief presentation of the research is followed by an illustration of the salient moments for the fashion-sustainability relationship as seen on the pages of the Italian fashion magazine. We see how the magazine’s conception of non-western or ethical is often interwoven with the western conception of charity and help initiatives for the developing world which almost always follow the mechanisms of the predominant, capital-led system, while showing traces of the West and the Rest dynamics.


Nadica Maksimova is a PhD candidate at the Department for Life Quality Studies at the University of Bologna. Her research interest is centred on the relationship between fashion and sustainability, with particular attention to sustainability-related content representations. Her current research focus is the analysis of the development of the sustainability discourse on the pages of Vogue Italia from its first publication in 1965 up to September 2021. Nadica is a member of the International Research Center Culture Fashion Communication, and Journal Manager for ZoneModa Journal.