Systematic Review & Bibliometric Analysis Workshop

Hosted by PhD Candidate Luis Quijano for TextileR Research Group on March 13, 2023.

Systematic reviews and bibliometric analysis are two methods that are commonly used in medical and engineering fields. Yet more recently, we are starting to see these methods become popular in disciplines they were not previously used in before. What exactly do these two methods entail, and can they be valuable resources for fashion and textile researchers?

Systematic reviews differ from traditional narrative reviews by adopting a replicable, scientific and transparent process, in other words a detailed technology, that aims to minimize bias through exhaustive literature searches of published and unpublished studies and by providing an audit trail of the reviewer’s decisions, procedures and conclusions. (Tranfield et al., 2003: 209)

Bibliometric analysis is a popular and rigorous method for exploring and analyzing large volumes of scientific data. It enables us to unpack the evolutionary nuances of a specific field, while shedding light on the emerging areas in that field. (

This workshop explores the basics of both systematic reviews and bibliometric analysis. By the end of the workshop, you will know how they differ from traditional literature reviews, the benefits of using either systematic review or bibliometric analysis in your research, the types of programs or software that are utilized for each project, and the type of research that is analyzed within each method.