Stracci (Rags)

Stracci approaches the question of sustainability in the fashion and textile industries through an extraordinary example of circular economy that has a long history but is highly relevant today: the recycling of wool in the Prato industrial district. For centuries the Cenciaioli, or rag traders, have been sorting rags by hand and recycling their fibres to produce the raw material for new fabrics – and thus also generating the prosperity of their city. The film goes beyond denouncing the environmental degradation caused by textile industries around the world, to explore how the contemporary Prato model might be adopted elsewhere to reverse fashion’s unsustainable practices and support development in some of the poorest countries.

The film will be introduced by Associate Professor Tiziana Ferrero Regis, lecturer and researcher in Fashion Studies at Queensland University of Technology, and member of the TextileR Centre and the Centre for a Waste-Free World.


Start Date: 25/03/2022 [add to calendar]