Graphene growth on Semiconductors

The thermal graphitisation of bulk SiC involves heating the sample to temperatures between 1200 and 1600 ˚C, resulting in the thermal decomposition of the surface. At these temperatures, the silicon sublimates from the surface, while the remaining carbon atoms undergo diffusion and nucleation to form the epitaxial graphene layers.
The growth of graphene on SiC/Si substrates is an appealing alternative to the growth on bulk SiC for cost reduction and to better integrate the material with Si based electronic devices.

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Growing Graphene on Semiconductors Edited by N.Motta, F.Iacopi, C.Coletti

Pan Stanford publishing (30-06-2017)

Print ISBN: 9789814774215e    Book ISBN: 9781315186153 

DOI: 10.4032/9781315186153

Graphene grows on SiC by Si sublimation at 1200-1600 ˚C. The number of graphene layers can be controlled by the temperature and the annealing time. F.Zarotti et al. Carbon 98 (2016) 307-312