Dr Mojtaba Amjadi Pour

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Postgrad:       PhD Nanotechnology (QUT)

Postgrad:       MS Engineering (Mechanical)

Undergrad:    Ba Engineering (Mechanical)


I obtained my PhD at QUT in 2018 and now I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at UTS.

My background is in engineering, I am now specializing in nanoscale manipulation of materials. I do this kind of research because I find it challenging and rewarding.



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  • Wang B, Liu J, Zhao Y, Li Y, Xian W, Amjadi Pour M, MacLeod JM, Motta N (2016) Role of graphene oxide liquid crystals in hydrothermal reduction and supercapacitor performance. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 8 (34), p22316-22323, SJR: 2.381 [Q1], IF: 7.145, .
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  • Amjadi Pour M, Dao D, Motta N (2016) Vibration analysis of initially curved single walled carbon nanotube with vacancy defect for ultrahigh frequency nanoresonators. Microsystem Technologies, 22 (5), p1115-1120, SJR: 0.425 [Q2], IF: 0.974, .