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    • M.Sc. (Distinction), Kharkiv National University, Ukraine, 1989
    • Ph. D., Kharkiv National University, Ukraine 1992
    • Doctor of Sciences (D. Sc./Habilitation) 1996; Highest Certification Authority of Ukraine (awarded aged 29 – the youngest Doctor of Sciences in Ukraine at the time of award).
    • Graduate Diploma in Education (GDipEdu), The University of New England, NSW, Australia, 2006.

    Kostya (Ken) Ostrikov is a Science leader, collaboration catalyst, digital enthusiast, plasma and nanomaterials expert for rapidly changing world

    He pioneered the field of Plasma Nanoscience and have led it to recognition as a distinctive research field and a major advance in physics. He has made groundbreaking advances in plasma processing of nano and bio materials, and achieved recognition in the broad disciplines of physics, chemistry, and biology.

    His work developed a conceptual basis, theories, and experimental techniques for explaining the plasma effects in nanoscale synthesis and processing. This led to systematic approaches to produce functional nanomaterials with highly-desirable properties, and a significantly raised profile of plasma technologies in materials processing and device fabrication.

    His solo paper [K. Ostrikov, Rev. Mod. Phys. 77, 489 (2005)] developed a conceptual basis to bridge the ‘unbridgeable’ processes of plasma generation in bulk and atomic processes on solid surfaces, which enabled effective plasma-specific controls of nanoscale growth and self-organisation processes. This led to the formulation of basic concepts of Plasma Nanoscience as a distinct research field, and its diverse applications across physical, chemical, biological and engineering disciplines.