Dr Jonathan Bradford

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Postgrad:        BSc Hons I (Physics) – Queensland University of Technology

                          Ba (Mathematics) – Queensland University of Technology

Undergrad:     Ba (Applied Science in Physics) – Queensland University of Technology

I am fascinated by the wealth of physics that has been uncovered in two dimensional materials. Hybrid 2D materials exhibit complementary properties of their constituent components. Exploiting this has the potential for a broad range of applications such as nanoelectronics, atomically thin circuitry, photodetectors, gas sensors and energy storage.

My goal is to understand these materials and use them to develop novel devices with real world  applications.

I am very happy as after submitting my thesis I got a one year postdoctoral position in the Surface Science group of Nottingham University (England), starting in August 2019!


Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=6vy50KIAAAAJ&hl=en