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ARC Future fellow, Senior Lecturer

PhD, Physics 2009 (National University of Singapore)
Bachelor of Science, Physics 2003 (Peking University)

My research interests lie in surface and nanoscale science, focusing on creating, understanding, and controlling at molecular-scale the surfaces and interfaces of functional materials to develop new technologies and material platforms for the next-generation devices. I am experienced in using synchrotron light to examine important interface phenomena and physics essential to enabling devices based on emerging materials, such as diamond, graphene, oxides and organic semiconductors. Recent research is primarily focused on developing high-performance diamond-based electronic and quantum devices by taking advantage of an innovative surface transfer doping protocol he has developed.

From 1999 to 2003 I studied physics in Peking University as undergraduate before moving to Singapore. After receiving my PhD degree from the National University of Singapore in 2009, I spent another two years as a research fellow at the same institute. In 2012, I joined the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering (IMRE) as a staff scientist. I took up a lecturer position in physics at La Trobe University in 2013 before I joined QUT in 2018. I was awarded the ARC Future Fellowship in 2017 to develop diamond nanoelectronics.

Recent Funded projects

  • ARC Future Fellowship 2017-2021 (FT160100207), $653,385: -C. Qi, Enabling diamond nanoelectronics with metal oxide induced surface doping
  • ARC LIEF 2018 (LE180100190), $205,000: C.I. Pakes, S. Prawer, D.-C. Qi, D.N. Jamieson, B. Johnson, and J. McCallum, High through-put facility for measurement of quantum materials and devices
  • ARC Discovery Project 2015-17 (DP150101673), $266,300: C.I. Pakes, L. Ley, J.C. McCallum, D.-C. Qi, Surface doping of diamond: A new platform for 2D carbon-based spintronics

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