New paper on Carbon "Double grain boundaries configurations on graphite surfaces"

As a result of an international collaboration spanning across four countries and three continents, we have been able to disclose the atomic structure of double grain boundaries in graphite. We categorized several grain boundary configurations as a function of the misorientation angle between the adjacent grains in HOPG. Molecular Dynamics simulations helped us to analyze the structure and energy stability of single and double grain boundaries according to the misorientation angle. The paper, based on STM images acquired at the Central Analytical Research Facility (QUT), has just appeared online in the review Carbon.

A.Capasso, F.Muñoz-Rojas, B.Gupta, N.Motta, E.Placidi,  Double grain boundary configurations on graphite surfacesCarbon, 170, 630-635 (2020)

Please enjoy free access to the paper until October 30, 2020, via this link: