New Xe-Plasma Dual Beam funded by ARC

Prof Nunzio Motta is leading a team of investigators who was awarded by ARC a LIEF grant to purchase a Xe-plasma dual beam for advanced future materials which will be installed at QUT.

Partner institutions: QUT, UQ, Griffith, Monash, UTS – ARC contribution: $1,1M$ – Total cost of the equipment: 2.3M$

This project aims to establish a state of the art Xe-Plasma dual-beam facility providing characterisation and fabrication capabilities to Australia’s research community. The project will use two beams – one Xe, the other electrons – to mill the surface of bulk materials which are subsequently analysed by electron or ion beam techniques to determine atomic-scale microstructure(s) and compositions. Anticipated outcomes are advanced materials engineering and new knowledge about ancient and future materials. This is expected to provide significant advances across a variety of fields including material science, engineering and geology and enhance trans-disciplinary collaborations.

Congratulations to all the investigators:

Professor Nunzio Motta; Professor Dmitri Golberg; Professor Yuantong Gu; Professor Cheng Yan; Professor Kostya (Ken) Ostrikov; Professor Jin Zou; Associate Professor Kazuhiro Nogita; Professor Nam-Trung Nguyen; Dr Dzung Dao; Dr Jing Fu; Dr Tuncay Alan; Dr Carlo Bradac

A special thanks to Annalena Wolff who has been the driving force of this application!