Book: Growing Graphene on Semiconductors

Edited by Nunzio Motta, Francesca Iacopi and Camilla Coletti.

  • The book covers the latest research on graphene growth on semiconductors, both in ultrahigh vacuum and in a controlled atmosphere, with an in-depth discussion of the physics and thermodynamics of the process
  • Includes contributions from historical groups working in graphene growth by high-temperature annealing of silicon carbide (Starke and Berger/De Heer), providing an up-to-date analysis of the development of processes compatible with industrial applications

Growing Graphene on Semiconductors 

Hardback 218 pages   Published 30-06-2017

Print ISBN: 9789814774215e    Book ISBN: 9781315186153 

DOI: 10.4032/9781315186153