Restructuring Statistical Reasoning In The Early School Years: A Longitudinal Study Of Data Modelling

Restructuring Statistical Reasoning In The Early School Years

Project dates: 01/01/2009 - 31/12/2011

This longitudinal, international study introduces a new approach to developing statistical reasoning in early schooling, namely, through data modelling that addresses “life and living.” Residing in an age of information explosion, young children more than ever before need to reason and deal critically with data. National and international bodies are recognising this need, calling for a renewed focus on early mathematical and scientific learning. This timely, cross-disciplinary study will generate theory explaining young children’s and teachers’ development of data modelling, and produce innovative curriculum and resources to foster this development.

Research Priority 2 (the goal, Strengthening Australia’s Social and Economic Fabric) is targeted. By providing young learners with the foundations of data modelling, which has been ignored in early curricula, the study will sow the seeds for productive participation in a data-driven society and effective use of its increasingly complex economic and social systems. The foundational statistical ideas and processes to be developed will lay the groundwork for further studies in the key curriculum areas, ‘chance and data,’ ‘probability and statistics,’ ‘science and society,’ and ‘life and living.’ Professional gains include knowledge of ways to implement mathematical and scientific experiences that capitalise on young children’s potential.

The purpose of this project is to:

  1. Trace and document Australian and USA children’s development of core statistical ideas and their associated mathematical and scientific learning.
  2. Establish an international community of teachers who develop effective ways of interpreting and supporting their children’s statistical development, and to describe the inter-relationship between the teachers’ evolving knowledge in implementing data modeling and their children’s learning.
  3. Increase our theoretical and empirical knowledge base by generating paradigms of how new, interdisciplinary data modeling experiences can be implemented within existing curricula to capitalise on young children’s potential in handling mathematical and scientific data.

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  • Discovery (2009 - 2011)

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Restructuring Statistical Reasoning in the Early School Years