Mini Golf Course Activity

Mini Golf Design Activity at School

This mini golf activity was created for Year 5 students. The objective of this activity was to

  • Use appropriate units of measurement for length and area, determine areas of plane shapes using 1cm2 grid paper, and calculate perimeter and area of rectangles and squares.
  • Develop spatial awareness and visualisation skills.
  • Communicate and justify approaches to problem solution, and STEM concepts applied.
  • Critically question and provide constructive feedback on solution approaches, assumptions made, and concepts ideas applied.

In this activity, students carried out the following:

  1. Started by sharing any prior knowledge/personal experiences they might playing mini-golf.
  2. Explored the history of mini-golf and videos of playing/designing mini-golf.
  3. Were introduced to the concepts of STEM through the design of a mini-golf course.
  4. Designed an 8-hole mini-golf course (each hole will be referred to as a “shape”). Students were encouraged to design various levels of challenging shapes through the use of obstacles.

The following booklets will enable you to carry out the candy pack activity in your classroom

  1. Mini Golf Course – Teacher Guide Booklet
  2. Mini Golf Course – Design Workbook