Flight Activity

Flight Activity at School

This flight activity was created for Year 4 students. In this activity, students carried out the following:

  1. Explored aerospace and STEM concepts and principles associated with flight (including forces associated with flight).
  2. Using engineering design processes, designed and built a paper plane.
  3. Gathered data on the distances and times traveled by the plane.
  4. Collected, organised, recorded, and interpreted the data collected.
  5. Drew conclusions regarding flight times and distances, noting how plane design and plane launching factors impacted on times and distances.
  6. Developed a model for determining a winning plane, given time and distance data.
  7. Prepared a class report to present to peers on points 5 and 6.

The following booklets will enable you to carry out the flight activity in your classroom

  1. Teacher Guide Booklet
  2. Flight Design Workbook
  3. Flight Modelling Workbook