Energy Sources Activity

Energy Sources Design Activity at School

This energy sources activity was created for Year 6 students. The objective of this activity was to:

  • provide design proposals for a model sustainable town within Queensland.
  • using prior knowledge of Queensland weather and geography to design a town that partially runs on renewable energy sources.
  • considers various renewable energy sources to ensure that electricity is always available to the town.
  • critically question and provide constructive feedback on solution approaches, assumptions made, and concepts ideas applied.

In this activity, students carried out the following:

  1. Started by sharing any prior knowledge/personal experiences they might have regarding renewable energy sources.
  2. Gained an understanding on the rise in renewable energy in Australia from provided data.
  3. Were introduced to the concepts of STEM through the design of a sustainable town.
  4. Designed their model sustainable town using the criteria provided.

The following booklets will enable you to carry out the energy sources activity in your classroom

  1. Energy Sources Activity – Teacher Guide Booklet
  2. Energy Sources Activity – Student Design Workbook