Crab Colony Activity

Crab Colony Activity at School

This crab colony activity was created for Year 2 students. The objective of this activity was to

  • Use shapes with a combinational activity
  • Develop spatial awareness and visualisation skills.
  • Communicate and justify approaches to problem solution, and STEM concepts applied.
  • Critically question and provide constructive feedback on solution approaches, assumptions made, and concepts ideas applied.

In this activity, students carried out the following:

  1. Started by sharing any prior knowledge about shapes.
  2. Explore various shape options on the provided crab colony layout to have as many shapes (depicting crab homes) as possible with minimum gaps between them.
  3. Group members took turns selecting and placing shapes, while justifying their shape selection and placement decision.

The following booklets will enable you to carry out the crab colony activity in your classroom

  1. Crab Colony – Teacher Guide
  2. Crab Colony – Activity Workbook
  3. Crab Colony – Layout Sheet
  4. Crab Colony – Data Recording Table