Candy Pack Activity

Candy Pack Design Activity at School

This candy pack activity was created for Year 4 students. In this activity, students carried out the following:

  1. Developed a model for determining a sweets order based on a mysterious order received by the Sweets Pantry.
  2. Explored the history of sweets manufacturing and packaging, the processes of sweets manufacturing and processing, materials used, and packaging designs.
  3. Learned about the role of engineers in package design and testing.
  4. Planned and conducted a fair test to test the properties of materials.
  5. Drew on their learning of material science, linear measurement, and informal concepts of area and volume, and engineering design processes in taking part in a competition held by the Sweets Pantry to design, construct, and test new packs to meet their customers’ needs.

The following booklets will enable you to carry out the candy pack activity in your classroom

  1. Teacher Guide Booklet
  2. Candy Pack Design Workbook
  3. Candy Pack Modelling Workbook