Biomimicry and Environmental Engineering Activity

Biomimicry Activity at School

Humans can’t live without the essentials of sunlight, air, water and soil provided by the natural environment. Environmental Engineers are concerned with the interactions among the natural and human-built environments by assessing the impact a project (any development) has on the air, water, soil and noise.

This biomimicry activity was created for Year 5 students. In this activity, students carried out the following:

  1. Explained the role of Environmental Engineers in society.
  2. Appreciated the degree to which living and non-living things depend on each other and their interactions.
  3. Identified that adaptations of living things are linked to the environment in which they live.
  4. Defined biomimicry and provided examples from the natural world that have been copied by humans.
  5. Explained how engineers use biomimicry to enhance engineering design
  6. Designed and tested a new seed model to be spread by wind