STEM Innovation Roundtable 2023

The STEM Innovation Roundtable 2023 was a resounding success!

Lights, camera, action!

We are pleased to share footage of the interviews and discussions held with our industry colleagues at Yeronga State High School, Forest Lake State High School, Holland Park State School, Chapel Hill State School, Rochedale State High School, Kenmore State High School and the Queensland Academy of Science, Mathematics and Technology.


Yeronga State High School
Timothy Barraud

Yeronga State High School
Susan Gilchrist
Head of Department, Creative Industries and Technologies

Forest Lake State High School
Sally Hawkes

Forest Lake State High School
MJ Raatz
Head of Department, Digital Technologies and Business

Holland Park State School
Sue Sparshott and Cassie Walker
Prep Classroom Teacher Entrepreneurial Sustainability Teacher

Chapel Hill State School
Louise Kliese
Head of Department, Curriculum, Extension and Enrichment


Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology
Vanessa Bermingham
Head of Department, Bio Sciences

Rochedale State High School
Vicky Fites
STEM Coordinator

Kenmore State High School
Daniel Robins
Head of Department, Technologies and Ken-X