Integrated STEM pedagogy for robotics capable technologies in primary and secondary years

This project focuses on a new-to-market education technology enabling the integration of science, design technologies, digital technologies and mathematics to address various levels of complexity in learning, across primary and secondary schooling. This is a laboratory based, quality and evaluation study of education technology in its applicability to the Australian Curriculum, focusing on a pilot development and theoretical modelling of an appropriate integrated STEM pedagogical strategy for the Kitsunei hardware and software systems. The focus for this study is primary and junior secondary school years. This study is grounded in a co-constructivist, participatory methodology involving an entrepreneurial design cycle drawn from the build-test-learn, lean startup model. The outcomes from this study will include an integrated STEM pedagogical strategy and associated advice for teachers.

Funding / Grants

  • Vacation Research Experience Scheme (QUT Faculty of Education, Office of Education Research); Kitsunei Pty Ltd (In-kind Support) (2020)

Chief Investigators

Other Team Members

  • Ms Genevieve Easton (QUT)
  • Ms Angela Wellington (QUT)

Integrated STEM Pedagogy 4 Robotics