Sonam Choegyal (PhD Candidate)

    Sonam Choegyal is a professional doctorate candidate who graduated from National Institute of Education Samtse, Bhutan with a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) in 2005 and later from Mahidol University, Thailand with a Master of Science in Science and Technology Education in 2014. With his experiences teaching sciences at primary and secondary level for more than 12 years, he realized that teaching job is not only about having the knowledge of content area but also about taking care of the emotional wellbeing of the learners responsibly, however, emotions of the students in Bhutan are paid minimal attention by both teachers and peers in the classroom. Therefore, his interest lies in studying the emotional experiences of the Bhutanese students to help inform teacher’s decision and pedagogy.

    Principal Supervisor: A/Prof. Alberto Bellocchi
    Associate Supervisor: Dr James Davis