About Us

Real World Context

The STEM Education Research Group seeks to cultivate in children, young people and adults the capabilities and inclination to identify questions and solve 21st Century problems and challenges associated with STEM-related issues in contexts such as health, environment, energy, technology and natural resources. The Group seeks to promote this cultivation with early childhood contexts, schools, TAFE Institutes, Community Colleges (including not-for-profit), universities, industries and communities.


  1. To build interdisciplinary highly trained research teams that focus on STEM Education Research priority areas
  2. To leverage current relationships and build new strategic relationships that enhance STEM education across wider society and diverse communities
  3. To respectfully co-design and co-lead STEM research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  4. To focus attention on the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion that informs fair and equitable STEM education futures
  5. To influence STEM education policy and practice
  6. To develop and mentor Early Career researchers and Higher Degree Research students using training opportunities
  7. To invite and mentor Vacation Research Education Students to participate, train and learn about research relevance, ethics and impact