Healthy Land and Water – Social Engagement of SEQ Waterways

Healthy Land and Water

Research has been conducted with Healthy Land and Water (formerly Healthy Waterways) on a landmark social engagement study in 2015 to understand the social value of waterways for residents in South East Queensland (SEQ). This work directly contributes to the annual waterway report card by Healthy Land and Water reporting on the environmental conditions of SEQ waterways. Our social study was the first time the social uses, attitudes, benefits of waterways and stewardship activities were measured and analysed. Results, which were reported across 18 South East Queensland Catchments, indicated that waterways play a significant role in SEQ residents’ lives in a number of ways. We were engaged to continue this work with Healthy Land and Water from 2016–2018, with ongoing comparative work in a range of waterway uses and benefits. Examples include time travelled to waterways, choice of waterways, activities on waterways, and wellness benefits from using or being beside waterways. Findings have prompted new work in community stewardship and education programs and have fed directly and indirectly into waterway management and policy decisions about infrastructure, resources and education across 18 local government catchment areas. This research study is ongoing into 2018. The social component of SEQ waterways has been reported formally in published reports in 2015 (Johnston, Beatson & Lane), 2016 (Johnston & Beatson) and 2017 (pending). In addition, each year Healthy Land and Water launch and publish the Annual Healthy Waterway Report card. Johnston et. al’s research has been reported in the 2015, 2016, and 2017 report cards.

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