Our Research

The success of any organisation depends on how it engages with groups and individuals within and beyond the company. When relationships are not working, there are increased customer or community complaints, declining sales, protests, and/or more disengaged staff.

Engagement is a socially responsive approach to communication practice that results in benefits for the individual, community and institution. Led by Dr Kim Johnston, our researchers undertake research that helps organisations identify and understand stakeholder engagement problems. We then deliver evidence-based recommendations about how to respond to these challenges.

Stakeholder engagement research provides organisations with unique data about how they are perceived by their clients, suppliers, and the local community; and the impact organisations have on society.

Suitable for:

  • Government and large organisations
  • Small-medium organisations

Engagement Diagnostic Tool


The Engagement Diagnostic tool is a unique, tailored research diagnostic technique for small-medium organisations. It provides a research response to engagement problems unique to small to medium businesses.






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