Show case – examples from practice

Case Study 1

School context: The first project school is a large co-educational state high school in a regional area. Students come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and study Senior English to assist their entry to university and work pathways. The focus of the research fitted with the school’s focus on deep pedagogies. The school had also been previously involved in a collaborative university research project, so they were ready for some challenging conversations and to use ideas to spark change. The teachers engaged in five inquiries as part of the action research process

Case Study 2

School context: School B is a large independent high school in a metropolitan area. The school has an academic focus. This research focus aligned with how the whole school was rethinking the role of formative assessment. A number of the teachers had volunteered to be involved in writing teams or in trialling new ideas for the new senior assessment system, and had taught in other systems with external exams, so they felt informed and ready for change. The teachers engaged in four inquiries as part of this action research project.