Digital engagement

You do it even when you don’t know you’re doing it. Just having your smartphone nearby – not even touching it – still drains your cognitive capacity, according to recent research. Digital engagement is often automatic. It’s how we connect with our devices and each other. With brands and platforms. With aggregators and influencers.

Underpinned by strong academic research in the areas of consumer empowerment, engagement, advertising avoidance and privacy, the Digital Engagement Research Group can approach any research problem, using strategic thinking and the optimum tools and methods. While some industry research defines the problem in terms of the tools by which they can measure it, the benefit of academic research is its rigour and its ability to solve real world problems at a real world price.

We research digital engagement in small, definable, measurable chunks (and with our smartphones in the other room). AMPR research projects include digital audits, which investigates the use of digital assets, such as a website or the efficiency of search or competitor benchmarking. Using social media listening, we can help identify key words and sentiment, important influencers and platforms. Or even provide new entrants to the market with a profile of the competitors’ voice. We can conduct survey research, in-depth interviews or repertory grid analysis to provide understanding and solutions to help optimize your digital engagement.


Gauge your digital proficiency with this five step audit.

Stage 1: Audit of existing academic literature and industry research

Stage 2: Digital Audit

Stage 3: Social Media Listening Report

Stage 4: Analysis and Recommendation

Stage 5: Dissemination

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