Luke Butler

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BUrbDev Hons (Urban & Regional Planning), Queensland University of Technology, Australia

PhD Research Topic:

Smart urban mobility and its potential to address transport disadvantage in Australia.

PhD Research Summary:

A major challenge for many cities, as they continue to grow, is to provide a transportation system that is inclusive, accessible, and affordable for all individuals. This is important as having access to transportation is crucial to improve social inclusion and allow people to access essential services, employment, and recreational facilities. My PhD research will focus on the potential for smart mobility innovations including intelligent transport systems, electric vehicles, personal mobility devices, autonomous vehicles, demand responsive transport, shared transport, and mobility-as-a-service to address transport disadvantage in Australian cities. With consideration of the three drivers of smarter cities (technology, community and policy) this research will not only focus on the technological aspects of the technology but also the role of community, and policy in creating a more equitable transportation system.