Selected publications

Selected publications of the core research team are listed below under the key smart city domains of economy, society, environment, governance, and technology. The publications can be accessed freely. For the full publication list and citation records of the research team, please visit the following Google Scholar sites of the research team members:

Professor Tan Yigitcanlar
Professor Kevin Desouza
Professor Marcus Foth
Professor Ashantha Goonetilleke
Dr Kenan Degirmenci


Smart City and Economy:

D'Amico, Gaspare, Arbolino, Roberta, Shi, Lei, Yigitcanlar, Tan, Ioppolo, Giuseppe (2021) Digital Technologies for Urban Metabolism Efficiency: Lessons from Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy Sustainability, 13 (11), pp.Article number: 6043. []
Foth, Marcus, Bilandzic, Ana, Guaralda, Mirko, Aurigi, Alessandro, Odendaal, Nancy (2021) The impact of peer-to-peer accommodation on place authenticity: A placemaking perspective Shaping Smart for Better Cities: Rethinking and Shaping Relationships between Urban Space and Digital Technologies, pp.283-306. []
Mengi, Onur, Bilandzic, Ana, Foth, Marcus, Guaralda, Mirko (2020) Mapping Brisbane’s Casual Creative Corridor: Land use and policy implications of a new genre in urban creative ecosystems Land Use Policy, 97, pp.Article number: 104792 1-11. []
Guaralda, Mirko, Hearn, Greg, Foth, Marcus, Yigitcanlar, Tan, Mayere, Severine, Law, Lisa (2020) Towards Australian regional turnaround: Insights into sustainably accommodating post-pandemic urban growth in regional towns and cities Sustainability, 12 (24), pp.Article number: 10492. []
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Smart City and Society:

Malek, Jalaluddin Abdul, Lim, Seng Boon, Yigitcanlar, Tan (2021) Social inclusion indicators for building citizen-centric smart cities: A systematic literature review Sustainability, 13 (1), pp.Article number: 376. []
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Smart City and Environment:

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Smart City and Governance:

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Smart City and Technology:

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