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Smart city is seen as a potential solution to our highly complex and complicated urbanisation problems. As an emerging field, smart city attracted a wide attention from the academia—as well as from the public and private sectors. Many research institutes formed various smart city related groups in Australia and overseas that consist of researchers with mainly technology and innovation study backgrounds. Nevertheless, adequately understanding the smart city phenomenon requires a truly multidimensional and multidisciplinary perspective.

Realising such a perspective is the rationale of bringing together the leading scholars of QUT from three faculties under a smart city research group. This group is led by Tan Yigitcanlar, and the other core members of the team include Kevin Desouza, Marcus Foth, Ashantha Goonetilleke, and Kenan Degirmenci. The research team is supported with over 20 PhD students, and 15 eminent scholars/professionals from QUT, and other Australian and overseas research institutes, and the industry.

The team with extensively diverse, but at the same time highly complementary, expertise and experience on the key domains of smart city—i.e., economy, society, environment, governance, and technology—works together on a number of research projects to advance our understanding on the smart city phenomenon, and its applications. Through these projects, the team provides theoretical expansions for a better conceptualisation of the phenomenon, along with generating various policy and technology solutions for the public and private agencies, and the community at large to deliver a real-world impact.


  • Associate Professor Tan Yigitcanlar

    Tan Yigitcanlar is an eminent Australian researcher with international recognition and impact in the field of urban studies and planning. He is an Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Planning at the School of Built Environment, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. Along with this post, he carries out an Honorary Professor...

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  • Professor Kevin Desouza

    Kevin C. Desouza is a Professor of Business, Technology and Strategy in the School of Management at the QUT Business School. He is a Nonresident Senior Fellow in the Governance Studies Program at the Brookings Institution and is a Distinguished Research Fellow at the China Institute for Urban Governance at...

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  • Professor Marcus Foth

    Marcus Foth is Professor of Urban Informatics in the QUT Design Lab, Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology. He is also an Honorary Professor in the School of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University, Denmark. Professor Foth’s research brings together people, place, and technology. His transdisciplinary work is at the...

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  • Professor Ashantha Goonetilleke

    Ashantha Goonetilleke is a Professor in Water/Environmental Engineering at Queensland University of Technology with an enduring commitment to make the water environment more sustainable and contribute to its adaptation to climate change. In keeping with this commitment, Ashantha has achieved significant success in developing extensive industry partnerships, undertaking research of...

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  • Dr Kenan Degirmenci

    Kenan Degirmenci is a Lecturer in the Service Science Discipline of the School of Information Systems. His research focuses on the responsible use of information systems. More specifically, he investigates how information systems assist individuals and organisations to make informed decisions and become more environmentally sustainable. His second stream of research...

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  • Professor Alexander Paz

    Professor Alexander Paz is the Transport Main Roads Chair at the Queensland University of Technology. Before joining QUT, he was an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering and the director of the Transportation Research Center at the University of Nevada. He is a Chartered Professional and a Fellow Engineer in Australia,...

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